ALD Automotive

During this annual event, ALD presented its employees with the results of the past year, The objectives for the future and current market developments. The employees also had the opportunity to discover the new premises for the first time before the relocation.


Each year a guest from outside the company is invited. This year, this honour was given to Mark Herremans. Elected sports personality of the year 2002 by the Belgian press, Mark Herremans is one of the best motivational conference speakers. Given the changes and transformations taking place in the automotive industry, ALD Automotive wanted to underline the importance of reinventing oneself and bouncing back in order to maintain a presence in the sector.

For this particular evening, Mark Herremans revealed how adversity can be transformed into opportunity and how this can stimulate creativity, so that drawbacks can be approached as potential advantages. He explained that problems can end up being beneficial if we focus on the positive aspects and that teamwork can contribute to our success. A great future lies in wait for ALD Automotive therefore.