Flashy BtoB Event in Event Lounge

Aaon Risk Solutions opted for the fantastic facilities on offer in The Event Lounge when organising its staff party. As the prestigious event only takes place once every three years, it was immediately a major challenge for the organisers …

Aon instantly thought big right from the outset and completely took over The Event Lounge for the Flashy Party.

The guests were immersed in the ‘flashy’ theme as soon as they were welcomed in. The caterer served an evening meal which offered the guests the possibility of either sitting down to a meal, or instead they were given the option of a buffet dinner, allowing them to effectively mingle with their ‘co-eaters’. And this certainly proved to be a ‘Super Formula’!

The delicious and abundant buffets were truly out of this world. The countless small desserts allowed everyone to give everything a try …

The entire event was enhanced by a wonderful orchestra, whilst the multilingual animations were fabulous too.

The Event Lounge was completely turned into a flashy magical place for the occasion, but certainly one with class and without coming across as pompous for a single second. The parking facilities (400 spaces) and easy access also proved to be great plus points.

Partly as a result of the fantastic preparatory activities, the staff enjoyed a marvellous evening in a fantastically friendly atmosphere.