EASI Kick Off 2018

It was with great pride that EASI kicked off the year with an unforgettable and successful event that included awe inspiring acts and original activities for all ages. Our catering partner, Great Traiteur, pampered the attendees with extremely refined food during a glamorous gala dinner.

The entertainment was of an extremely high standard, thanks in part, to the amusing bubble-blowing act. The venue had been transformed into a carnival setting with a wide range of activities and treats to conquer the hearts of sweet tooths. Popcorn, toffee apples and candyfloss were some of the sweet delights that the participants were able to enjoy together with lots of fun and laughter during the numerous mini games. The participants went all out for a heavenly evening of entertainment and fun. The photo booth was put to enthusiastic use and on the dance floor everyone’s feet touched the floor.

It is clear that the software developers know how to organise a party and how to bring it to life with the right proportions of glitter and glamour!