Event Lounge introduces caterers after successful pitch event

At the beginning of July, Event Lounge and The EGG organised a pitch event to create synergy among the suppliers in two partner locations. Five existing and five new caterers took part in this presentation. The Event Lounge is pleased to present the names selected in the different categories.

As the two partner locations each appeal to a different target group – the Event Lounge is the place indicated for the events, The EGG is oriented towards conferences – they do not always select the same caterers.

In order to fulfil the needs of the client fully, Event Lounge introduced its caterers following the successful pitch in three different groups:

For upscale events, Event Lounge presents JML (Jean Michel Loriers). JML is known throughout the events world for his unbridled passion for quality. The experienced team always delivers an extraordinary and unique experience.

In the mid-range segment, Event Lounge offers the choice of three suppliers. Great Food is a young and dynamic team that is growing rapidly and is known for its ‘out of the box’ thinking and employing creative solutions. With the slogan “We’ll be great for you” the professional team leaves nothing to chance – and with each assignment adds a few tasteful touches that end up making the difference.

Chef Chez Soi was previously on the list of permanent Event Lounge caterers and has an outstanding reputation in the B2B market. The well-rounded caterer, for whom no effort is too much, is very flexible when it comes to prices and offers a wide variety of packages.

J&M also belonged previously to the fixed list of caterers and over the years worked its way up to be a very popular caterer with Event Lounge clientele. J&M is able to boast of a very efficient and dynamic team. The hip and trendy caterer uses a good deal of its own materials allowing for a wide selection of possibilities as far as décor and furniture.

Finally, for the entry level caterers, there is Food Lovers, also previously on the list of fixed Event Lounge caterers. Food Lovers is the result of their passion for «good » and «full of sense» Food. The Food Lovers team finds its motivation in simple, delicious and fresh dishes that create a pleasant and distinctive cuisine. Is short terms «Comfort Food».