Fujitsu World Tour 2017

For the 2nd year running, Fujitsu has chosen the Event Lounge to host its Fujitsu World Tour in Belgium. With over 14,000 experts from 6 continents (20 countries), the Fujitsu World Tour is the biggest roadshow of its kind. One thing is certain, if you’re a technology fan this is the event of the year you don’t want to miss.

This year’s theme is ‘Human Centric Innovation: Digital co-creation’, or human-centred innovation. The aim is to empower people to build a better and more connected society.

The programme was packed with seminars, workshops and exhibitions. Thanks to the versatility of the studio, it was possible to create two distinct spaces, where you could let your creativity run wild. After the seminar in Convention 1, which was attended by 400 people, an exhibition was held in the Cocktail Area. Fujitsu was able to introduce its technological novelties to a 400-strong audience. Guests were also able to take part in workshops held by experts from across the globe.

To keep everyone’s mind focused, Fujitsu hired accredited caterer Chef Chez Soi. He spoiled guests all day long and finished off the event with closing drinks in the exhibition space. Another edition brought to a wonderful conclusion.