Event Lounge decor of a spectacular evening for Total Mazout

Following a rejuvenating holiday with lots of sun, sea and sand, the Event Lounge team swung back into action at the beginning of September with an event for Total Mazout. Commissioned by the well-known fuel supplier, 2 Perfection organised an event with e-commerce as its central theme. 210 invitees, mainly executives, were introduced to the launch of the new product, with the primary goal being to raise awareness of the sellers.

The event started with a convention in which all attention was focused on the new product. Afterwards, the guests attended a sit-down dinner organised by the caterer Guillaume Van Eeckhout. The guests received their invitations online and they were immediately given the chance to indicate their preferred meal. The reason the client chose Van Eeckhout is logical: from the first contact, the client was strongly impressed by the quality and sophistication of the services offered and how they seamlessly meshed with the high-level status of the event.

The evening was followed by a spectacular presentation in the form of LED dancers and aerial acrobats. The technology was managed by GSP2, the well-known house supplier of Event Lounge. For the official part, which focused on the launch of the new product, a 14 metre long screen was employed. Marlène de Wouters arranged for a fitting presentation, creating a most unexpected and spectacular illusion with the help of the ‘green screen’ technique. In the Cocktail Area, the inventive projection matrix  attracted much attention as the visuals appeared on the screens of the four triangles.