Sisley unveils its new perfume at Event Lounge

The agency Secondfloor organised the launch of Sisley’s new perfume on 19 January in Belgium. On this occasion, 600 professionals were invited to Event Lounge to be the first to discover the new fragrance called Izia.

Sisley wanted to reinvent the rose scent with its new fragrance. Isabelle d’Ornano, Sisley’s founder, was inspired by the garden alongside her family’s property in the heart of Berry where she had planted shrubs, hydrangeas, honeysuckles and roses. Every May, Isabelle d’Ornano awaited the arrival of one rose that she loved. It is the particular scent of this rose which inspired Izia’s composition.

Event Lounge perfectly displayed the world of Izia. The venue’s decoration combines natural wood, metal, marble and glass in modern harmony with the most beautiful effect. The wise choice of colours and the placement of woodwork helps maintain the cosy and warm ambiance.

Thanks to its versatility, Secondfloor was able to submerge the guests in the floral, modern and sensual spirit of this new perfume. Initially welcomed in the modern setting of the Lounge Bar Area for appetisers, the guests were then invited to go into the first part of the hall for the launch of the perfume. To finish, a delicious walking dinner had been prepared for them made especially in keeping with the theme by the caterer, Chef chez Soi.