We produce sustainable events

We produce sustainable events

Event Lounge complies with legislation and environmental requirements in effect within the Brussels-Capital Region, but we hope to go further. We pay close attention to consumption of water and energy at our site, in order to ensure continuous improvement in our infrastructure and equipment and to be more effective. Within the context of our environmental policy, we have undertaken to reduce waste and to limit our impact on air, water and soils through an effective management system. We train our staff and inform our clients to ensure that they all contribute to protecting the environment.

To translate this policy into action, in a comprehensive and coherent way, the Event Lounge has decided to comply with the requirements and criteria established in the framework of the eco-label GREEN KEY, ECO-DYNAMIQUE and BRUSSELS HEALTH SAFETY.

You will find below the commitment of Event Lounge for obtaining

1. Ecological dedication & responsibility

We actively work to increase our ecological contribution through more efficient work methods. We understand that sustainability is a long-term quest and we are involved in the continuous process of improving our work methods and preserving our resources.

2. Equipment of Event Lounge

Event Lounge is equipped with a state-of-the-art and ‘all in’ audio/visual system, electrical power outlet and central heating system.

3. Energy-savings policy

Electricity consumption is reduced by using economical light bulbs and light sensors. 75% of the fix light material is Eco friendly

4. Water-savings policy

Our toilets are equipped with dual flush toilets and filled by rainwater system.

5. Cleaning products

Event Lounge uses environmentally-friendly cleaning products.

6. Recycle your waste

Recycling is something that is very important and needs to be done by every partner (Technical, Catering, etc…). The Event Lounge uses 4 special containers: paper, mix, cardboard, glass.

7. Sustainable partnership

For the coming years we will challenge our partners to optimize their sustainability measures and efforts. Our main goal is to change the attitudes of our partners and put all these activities into practice in a context of sustainable development

8. About our Caterer

  • Use only top quality products, freshest products, and must guarantee the origin of each product
  • Respect the rules of hygiene and food sector and the standards of the FASFC (Federal Agency for the Safety of the food chain)
  • The caterer agrees that products used during events are at least 35% (by value) local products or products from organic farming or fair trade.
  • The caterer agrees to undertake actions to avoid throwing away food at events taking place in our venues (example: distribution of association, etc …)
The Event Lounge undertakes to inform its staff and customers and involve them to contribute to the implementation of its environmental policy.