Event Lounge, the green giant.

The Event Lounge has been a household name in the Brussels events world for ten years now. The excellent reputation it has earned is the result of a constant effort to react speedily to changes taking place and also a willingness to provide answers to current ecological challenges facing us all.

“This success is due to the dedication of all our teams, who have implemented our policy of quality, hospitality and service to the full; to our efforts in the field of technological innovation and our investments in the modernisation of our venue. But it was inconceivable that this development would be restricted exclusively to the sales and business aspects. We also want to ensure that we remain consistent in terms of our values: by building sustainable growth for the Event Lounge and demonstrating our ability to organise very large events where we integrate ecological challenges for instance,” Gilles Poot Baudier, General Manager of The Event Lounge, explained to us.

The world of events often comes under criticism for having a heavy carbon footprint, and organisational shortcomings in waste management and energy are a thorny subject that regularly draws negative attention. For the Event Lounge, sustainability has always been a determining factor in the general management decisions about the complex and during the events. Examples are our promotion of public transport, selective waste sorting or ecologically sound lighting. “In the past two years we have reached yet another milestone with the designation of two ecological labels: Eco-Dynamique and Green Key. The labels are presented to companies to reward them for their environmental dynamism and their progress in this area,” said Gilles Poot Baudier. In 2019, the Event Lounge confirmed this commitment by installing 900 solar panels that are able to generate 50% of the energy required to run the venue and are also able to supply the four charging stations for electric or hybrid vehicles.

The success of the Event Lounge can be attributed to a global performance logic that strives for excellence. Over the past ten years it has become one of the market leaders in Brussels hosting all kinds of events, thanks to the highly multifunctional character and the all-in-one, tailor-made solutions from which customers can benefit.

On the ground floor, the Event Lounge offers a multitude of options with three modular spaces that can accommodate up to 1150 guests. A venue with remarkable volumes which combines elegant and trendy design features. The terrace of the Event Lounge is a true oasis in the city and appears on the scene every spring. It can be fully adapted for customised events under the Brussels sun. The first floor is designed as a business centre: three conference/workshop rooms, six meeting rooms and a lounge/salon. The venue is equipped with ultra-modern facilities to ensure efficient, smooth-running conferences, seminars or congresses, but above all so that attendees can enjoy a combination of business and pleasure.

The Event Lounge is also equipped with the very latest technology. It has been fitted with completely redesigned technical equipment such as a professional internet connection of 300 Mbps, a rarity that is indispensable in our modern world, or a triple laser projection screen measuring 22 meters wide and 5 meters high on which any type of décor can be created. Feel like drinking a glass mint drink tea on Jemaa el-Fna square in Morocco? No problem! The Event Lounge can do that for you and the effect is amazing!

A three-fold perspective therefore: the mission to ensure the constant evolution of the venue in order to increase the range and quality of the services at all times, up-to-minute technology and a strong ecological commitment that is part of an engagement to take a better approach to the environmental challenges facing us today and in the future.