Event Lounge opens Terrace for Outdoor Activities in Belgian Capital

To better respond to the needs of its customers, the ‘Event Lounge’ will open an outdoor terrace from early May to late October. Up to 150 people will be able to enjoy outdoor dining in the intimate atmosphere that offers the terrace, which also lends itself to a wide variety of events.
“We clearly feel that in the event industry there is a trend towards more outdoor activities,” says Lynn Arys, Manager of ‘Event Lounge’ explaining the choice for an outdoor terrace. “After a long winter and a disappointing spring, people crave for a happening outdoors. We want to remain competitive and present our customers with the opportunity to organize a barbecue, a cocktail or a flying dinner outside.”

The terrace has indeed some undeniable advantages. “It is not so easy to find a place in Brussels to organize outdoor events accommodating up to 150 people,” continues Lynn Arys. “This terrace is just a welcoming quiet spot just outside the city center. The terrace can also be fully customized according to the wishes of our clients. Attendees will be immersed in the atmosphere of the event and have the impression to be in a different world.” And if the rain spoils the fun … “No need to worry,” states Lynn Arys. “Then our guests can simply move their event to the Lounge Bar Area indoors.”