Event Lounge as you’ve never seen

For 3 days, DDG Agency transported Event Lounge into the world of Salesforce for an exhibition, which gathered nearly 900 people, on the latest industry trends, with product demonstrations featuring new Salesforce and partner solutions.

The Sustainability aspect was of course a key part in the decision over the choice of venue.

Event agency DDG organised the ‘Live Belgium’ event, for international CRM leader Salesforce under the heady mid-June sunshine.

The Event Lounge was completely redecorated for the occasion. The entire 2,500m² floorspace of was taken over, focusing on the future of work, on how Salesforce can provide solutions for its clients and employees in such a manner that takes climate change issues into account.

What with inspiring conferences and practical demonstrations, guests were able to enjoy a journey full of discovery. It was also a fantastic networking opportunity for industry directors and members of the Salesforce ecosystem.