Marketer of the Year

We are proud to announce you that Aude Mayence, Brand director of Delhaize Belgium, and Mieke Debeerst, chief customer experience & marketing communications officer of Belfius won yesterday evening the 25th Marketer of the Year. They have been chosen among 10 finalists. The Belgian Association of Marketing (BAM) and Trends-Tendances, composed by an independent jury, reward the best creator of marketing campaigns for his or her realisations and initiatives to promote the marketer profession to the general public.


The moto of Aude Mayence is “Impose your chance, hold tight to your happiness and go toward your risk. Looking your way, they’ll follow”. She tries to apply this during her work. She did it well and has been rewarded for that.

Two years ago Delhaize had image issues. They needed desperately to position themselves. She came with brilliant ideas to help Delhaize to reposition itself. The “Magical Vegetables” campaign is a good example of the new mindset of the company. It motivates children to eat more vegetables and helps parents to eat healthier. In only two weeks she doubled the sales! She says Delhaize had some problems distinguishing themselves and she thinks they succeeded in giving direction to the brand again.