Do you need a reception room in Brussels ? Call Event Lounge

To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the famous Brussels event space has had a makeover. Including: bigger reception areas, a change in décor, new break rooms and technical innovations. The founders have, however, kept the unique concept which made it so successful.

Since it was founded in 2007, the Event Lounge has earned a good reputation in the Brussels events sector. Since 2013, it has been among the top 3 most popular places in Belgium. “We are proud of its success, of course, but in an ever changing industry the Event Lounge has always innovated and invested,” states Gilles Poot Baudier, founder and partner of the Event Lounge.

More comfort and space

Although the total surface area of the famous “Black Box”, which is 1,250m² and can host around 1,150 people, remains unchanged, the feeling of spaciousness upon arrival at the Lounge is impressive.

Even before arriving, visitors are pleasantly surprised by the temporary outdoor terrace which extends the venue during summer.

When entering the Lounge, the spaces have been completely redesigned and expanded. Partitions have been removed to create an enjoyable and airy space. The capacity of the reception, cocktail and welcome areas has increased from 450 to 700 people, and is more comfortable.

The ample skylight floods the space with sunlight. But the venue’s ambiance also changes when darkness falls. Say goodbye to the Baroque chandeliers for which Event Lounge has long been renowned. A metallic work of art ripples in the atrium, giving it a magical appearance, whilst at the same time underlining the modernity of the space. A huge new bar completes the picture.

The décor connects wood, marble and glass in beautiful, modern harmony. The wise choice of colours and the placement of woodwork helps maintain the cosy and warm ambiance.

We decided to invest in the atmosphere of the welcome area – the Lounge Bar Area – and the decoration of the venue, in order to create an even better experience. The regulars will no longer recognise it!

New space, more possibilities

Although the space has undergone a spectacular makeover, the founders have kept its former spirit intact. The reception, welcome and meeting spaces have been extended so that they can host more people and offer more possibilities. “We welcome conferences as well as events. Our clients include event agencies as well as businesses or institutions who wish to organise events for their personnel, their clients, or their shareholders. Even some individuals,” explains Gilles Poot Baudier. The location of the venue, access by public transport and a 150 space car park are among the major advantages.

“Businesses and individuals appreciate the “plug-and-play” side to the Event Lounge. They arrive here and use the infrastructure and the technical installations without having to worry about anything else: everything is there, ready to use. The same can be said for catering: we offer a turnkey experience. Naturally, if people wish to, they can go further and adapt the decorations and services to their taste: Everyone can do as they wish and the Event Lounge will adapt to their needs.

More spacious rooms

The famous “Black Box”, is 1,250 m² and can host more than 1,150 people. Unique to Brussels and very much appreciated by clients, it has benefited from a full revamp of the lighting and technical installations. By contrast, out of the 9 meeting and break rooms, one has doubled its capacity from 70 to 150 people. “We also hope to offer more flexibility to conference organisers.”

Successful gamble, without changing price

The challenge of renovating the Event Lounge was great, but the result is more than impressive. The cherry on the cake: the Event Lounge has decided not to change its rates. “We want to offer an even better experience for the same price,” concluded Gilles Poot Baudier. Tempted?