Fujitsu World Tour 2017

For the 2nd year running, Fujitsu has chosen the Event Lounge to host its Fujitsu World Tour in Belgium. With over 14,000 experts from 6 continents (20 countries), the Fujitsu World Tour is the biggest roadshow of its kind. One thing is certain, if you’re a technology fan this is the event of the year you don’t want to miss.

This year’s theme is ‘Human Centric Innovation: Digital co-creation’, or human-centred innovation. The aim is to empower people to build a better and more connected society.

The programme was packed with seminars, workshops and exhibitions. Thanks to the versatility of the studio, it was possible to create two distinct spaces, where you could let your creativity run wild. After the seminar in Convention 1, which was attended by 400 people, an exhibition was held in the Cocktail Area. Fujitsu was able to introduce its technological novelties to a 400-strong audience. Guests were also able to take part in workshops held by experts from across the globe.

To keep everyone’s mind focused, Fujitsu hired accredited caterer Chef Chez Soi. He spoiled guests all day long and finished off the event with closing drinks in the exhibition space. Another edition brought to a wonderful conclusion.

Event Lounge, the chameleon…

Event Lounge is certainly not the most recent creation in terms of Brussels event rooms but, unlike others, this 2500m² space keeps on changing to become the chameleon of ephemeral hiring spaces.


The Event Lounge was completely renovated to offer an environment that is both hyper-fashionable and welcoming. A subtle alliance of untreated wood, metal, marble and glass, which gives a completely new dimension to the place. This choice of both noble and neutral materials allows for an unrivaled creativity that makes each event something totally unique:

The versatile spaces enable us to invent any concept, explains Gilles Poot Baudier, General Manager of the Event Lounge: The lobby, in particular, has been completely rethought and now offers a hyper-open space and monumental bar under a glass dome decorated with a spectacular metallic work of art. All the partitions have been removed, providing it with a loft design in an ultramodern style. Today the lobby has been considerably expanded and can now comfortably accommodate up to 700 people.

  • The Event Lounge terrace, an oasis in the city and set up every spring, also conceals unquestionable advantages and can be fully personalised for tailor-made events under the Brussels sun.
  • The Event Lounge is ultimately a high-tech location where the latest top-of-the-range technical innovations are accessible to everyone.


 In 2014, six Event Lounge spaces had already been transformed by the brushstrokes provided by ‘made in Belgium’ talent. Taggers, illustrators and painters from both sides of the linguistic border had created frescos around a specific theme: the cinema, a reference to the historical affection of the Event Lounge, which was an old studio. Among them, Denis Meyers had made his famous mark on the Event Lounge with his black, pure and densely-featured faces, superimposed with graphic typography… Works that are always discovered or rediscovered with just as much pleasure.

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Green cherry on the cake 

At the Event Lounge, the art of welcoming and design are certainly there, but this is not all. Today, the Event Lounge is responding to the environmental challenges of our time; Durability has become a determining factor in general management decisions and the holding of events. Whether it be by promoting public transport, sorting waste, donating surplus food, ecological lighting or even using reusable tableware, everything has been thought of to bring together development with the environment, explains Gilles Poot Baudier. The efforts carried out by the team have even earned them the “Entreprise écodynamique” [“Ecodynamic Business”] label, official recognition in the Brussels-Capital Region for organisations in Brussels who set up an in-house environmental management.

You will have heard it said that the Event Lounge is a chameleon who radically revolutionizes the approach towards event management…

Canon signs off on a successful Kick-Off 2017 at Event Lounge

Looking for an ideal venue for the `Canon Kick-Off 2017′, the famous electronics manufacturer quickly turned to the Event Lounge in Brussels. To get 2017 off to a good start and to introduce new products within an appropriate setting, Canon invited 550 people.

The guests were greeted with a welcome drink in the Lounge Bar Area which, after large-scale renovations, has seen a considerable increase in its capacity. Now, up to 650 people can enjoy a glass and nibbles in comfortable surroundings. After the plenary session in the ‘Convention 1’ area, the guests assembled once more under the skylight in the Lounge Bar Area for an aperitif, followed by a highly appreciated cocktail dinner provided by the ‘in-house’ caterer, Great Traiteur. The cherry on the cake turned out to be an open bar and dazzling party that went on until the small hours with a very popular set by Beat Boutique.

Why did Canon choose the Event Lounge? For several reasons. Firstly, the versatility of the place, including many technical features. As a manufacturer (and world leader) of cameras and printers, among other things, Canon needed a large projection surface. No problem for the Event Lounge, which has an impressive 180° Cyclorama. In addition, the ultra-professional approach shown by the Event Lounge team also played its part, as proven by the organiser’s response:

“A top-class infrastructure, a dazzling technical base and… a perfect orchestration of the whole event, with no stress or misunderstanding, at least not noticeable to the client. Each partner (Event Lounge, GSP2, Great Traiteur and Beat Boutique) was ultra-professional, highly contributing to the success of Kick-Off. Collaboration was also particularly pleasant and enjoyable; this definitely should be done again…”

Sisley unveils its new perfume at Event Lounge

The agency Secondfloor organised the launch of Sisley’s new perfume on 19 January in Belgium. On this occasion, 600 professionals were invited to Event Lounge to be the first to discover the new fragrance called Izia.

Sisley wanted to reinvent the rose scent with its new fragrance. Isabelle d’Ornano, Sisley’s founder, was inspired by the garden alongside her family’s property in the heart of Berry where she had planted shrubs, hydrangeas, honeysuckles and roses. Every May, Isabelle d’Ornano awaited the arrival of one rose that she loved. It is the particular scent of this rose which inspired Izia’s composition.

Event Lounge perfectly displayed the world of Izia. The venue’s decoration combines natural wood, metal, marble and glass in modern harmony with the most beautiful effect. The wise choice of colours and the placement of woodwork helps maintain the cosy and warm ambiance.

Thanks to its versatility, Secondfloor was able to submerge the guests in the floral, modern and sensual spirit of this new perfume. Initially welcomed in the modern setting of the Lounge Bar Area for appetisers, the guests were then invited to go into the first part of the hall for the launch of the perfume. To finish, a delicious walking dinner had been prepared for them made especially in keeping with the theme by the caterer, Chef chez Soi.

Organize a beautiful staff party at Event Lounge in Brussels

The staff party is “the” moment of the year for the entire staff. A successful organization is not only an original party, but also a moment where everyone feels comfortable, sees their colleagues in another daylight and this all outside of the usual work space.

So we are looking for a venue where everyone feels ‘at home’! The new design of Event Lounge merges rough wood, metal, marble and glass into a modern harmony. A well thought color pallet and placement of wood elements ensure the maintenance of the cozy and warm atmosphere of the venue.

Event Lounge is the perfect location for a friendly gathering and the team is ready to answers all your questions.

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