White Rabbit for Makita

In 2017, Makita celebrated its 40th anniversary at the Event Lounge. It chose the agency White Rabbit to organise it and successfully created a delicious combination with every element in our unique venue.

Every little detail was taken into consideration. Remarkable light effects: check. Women on stilts impressively serving out champagne: check. Breathtaking entertainment on stage for the ultimate “wow”- effect: check. And yes … even people swimming above the attendees.

The guests started off the evening with a relaxed reception in the lounge bar area. Countless women with makeup and costumes on stilts were entertaining the attendees. After this, they all entered the main room and were wowed by many jaw-dropping presentations and entertainment. Our technical partner GSP2 took care of all of the lights and effects to make it an even more special night. Between that and the finger-licking good food by J&M Catering, there wasn’t any time for boredom. The atmosphere was incredible, and the laughter was contagious. The concerts and DJ made the night even more swinging than it already was!