William Boillot
T: +32 2 652 20 01
M: +32 475 44 26 87

FOOD LOVERS is born of the passion we have for simply good things.

Our team is primarily motivated by casual, tasty, fresh and friendly dishes, a “back to the roots” kind of cuisine that we also call “comfort food”. We excel in creating a relaxed atmosphere thanks to simple but creative, easy -eaten and tasty food. Our enthusiastic, young and well -educated service is a pillar of your event. This attitude is a grant to an easy-going event, where guests feel at home.

Since 2004, we bring to every project and every client the deserved delight to the creation of a real value, where, among others, we pay attention to our impact on environment, to the way our preparations will impact the image of our client, to the privilege of local and seasonal food.

Flexibility, “custom” and creative formulas and a transparent follow-up of your project are our hallmarks.

In summary, our job is to offer CREATIVE FOOD SOLUTIONS