Aïko Vanholder
T: +32 (0)3.877.88.10
@: aiko.vanholder@jmcatering.be
w: www.jmcatering.be

“Your secret ingredient”

J&M has been active in event catering for private citizens and companies since 1992. Our team of motivated and passionate employees guarantees a professional approach and strive for absolute perfection for every assignment. Authenticity and innovation go hand in hand at J&M. Every budget has its prestige.

With refined tastes and delirious decoration, we offer you and your guests an unforgettable experience. For J&M, a party is only successful if you and your guests can enjoy yourselves knowing full well that everything is being taken care of. A successful party is a cocktail prepared correctly with the right ingredients.

J&M stands for client focus with an eye for sustainability, social responsibility and food safe entrepreneurship. All activities – production, processing, preparation and distribution of food and beverages and the related services – are steeped with social and ecologically responsible entrepreneurship.

Are you just looking for a caterer or can we join you in thinking about decoration and experience as well? We like to take you on a journey from start to finish! Let us be your secret ingredient.