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Alpaca solutions to reduce the carbon footprint at events

Alpaca solutions is putting eco-friendly solutions in place to reduce the carbon footprint at events.

The Event Lounge Brussels is putting an emphasis on making its events more eco-friendly. Holder of the 3-star Ecodynamic Organisation Label, The Event Lounge is continuing to implement its environmental action plan.

Today, we are unveiling our brand-new project: a partnership with Alpaca Solutions.
In an effort to reduce waste, our event spaces will be joining forces with an organisation that provides a tangible solution, collecting surplus food from our events. This non-profit is part of a partner ecosystem that can make best use of the waste we generate. Quite apart from the environmental benefits, these actions also have a positive social influence.
Alpaca provides a post-event report detailing each donation made. This report contains details of items collected, the number of portions donated, the amount of CO2 saved and, of course, the organisation that received the donation.

We’re proud of this partnership and of our investment in improving tomorrow’s world.

Catering offer at Event Lounge
Catering offer at Event Lounge