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Made By Marie revisits ‘Blue is the New Black’

You were spot on if you were imagining yourself turning into The Little Mermaid for an evening! The only catch is that you’re neither in the ocean, nor a Disney fairy tale. You’re in the depths of Event Lounge. Now, close your eyes and dive into an unforgettable aquatic experience with Made By Marie…

n the spring, 400 guests travelled back to their childhood at Event Lounge. Everyone enjoyed basking in the magical atmosphere, and playing with the games provided for them. The evening flowed from an apéritif followed by an evening of dancing.

The Made By Marie agency followed the ‘Under The Water’ theme to the letter; transforming our rooms with a sumptuous decor and arrangement.

Founded by a young entrepreneur, Marie Antoine initially contacted us to bring her event to life. A lawyer by education, she retrained and launched her business during the pandemic. A challenge she has conquered hands down!

The result? Her event is still talked about today, and we’re impatiently awaiting her next phone call! If you want to know more about her and her creations, have a look at her website:


An event room in Brussels
An event room in Brussels