More than a meeting place…

Event Lounge is one of the most inspiring venues of Brussels, offering an «ALL IN ONE» service package for all corporate and private events: rooms equipped with a high-quality audio and video technology. Ultramodern facilities have been designed to host conferences, seminars, meetings, exhibitions, product launches, etc. This first class and polyvalent location is suitable for every event organizer.

CLients Client experiences

This is already the second time in a row that we have chosen the Event Lounge and I must say that we are never disappointed.

We have already decided to come back next year. The professionalism, the support and the attentive ear of the Event Lounge team is the reason why we love working with them.

A venue we surely recommend!


Katrien Van Durme – Human Resources Manager Belgium

The event went very well, nothing but compliments. Thank you again for the good collaboration.


Sandra Heureux – Administration Advisor

It was really a good collaboration and also the location is unique. We hope we will have the chance to work together again very soon. Thanks again for your support.


Stefanie Möller

We really enjoyed working together with the Event Lounge for our event.

A dynamic team that is always available and listens to our demands! This place was particularly well suited to our concept. In fact, we enjoyed the place as a whole by creating 3 specific zones and using it at is maximum. Our event was a real success, for the guests as for our agency.

This is the result of an excellent cooperation between all the teams.


Lionel Dechene – Events Consultancy & Organisation

Thank you for all your support during our conference. Your help and quick interventions have been very much appreciated! Also a big thank you for GSP2 that again guided us very well.

Axel Suetens – Partner

Thank you for all the support during our event last Saturday! The event was a big success in each and every way.

Dirk Daele – Marketing & Events


The event went really well, the client was delighted and so were we. Thank you!

France Dekeyser – Event Manger

Thank you for the successful event!

Mieke Van den Abeele – Executive Assistant CMO/CFO

Thank you very much for the cooperation last Thursday. Thanks to you, our annual Business Meeting was a success. The location was perfectly suitable for what we asked for. In general the feedback was very positive. Everybody respected timing and content like requested. THANK YOU!

Ellen Sano – Marketing and Communication

Diwan Awards 2014 at the Event Lounge was a success.

We would like to the staff of the Event Lounge for their collaboration in this success. We took the right decision by chosen your venue. Quite a lot of our guests have discovered the place and were very enthusiastic for future projects!

Said El Majili, Fatima Abbach

The combination of a fully equipped and decorated entrance area, several meeting rooms, a large black box and parking is already a nice start for a successful event. That’s why the Event Lounge is one of my favorites!

Martien Claes – Event Manager

Fevia and A-Point were both very happy they chose the Event Lounge as venue for their event. The flexibility, the ability to use the colorful Food.be identity and the functionality were perfect.

Anniek De Vlieger – Owner/event manager at A-point



3 years in a row, we had a memorable evening @ The Event Lounge! It’s a great venue to meet & catch up with colleagues as it brings a cosy & personal touch to your event… 

The new equipment of the convention room took this year’s event (with a lot of video material) to a next level.

Shane Cornelis – Marketing & Communication


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