Sustainable corporate events

We are experts in sustainable events, which are a major trend in the events industry. We understand the environmental impact of event organisation and production, particularly the consumption of energy, water, and waste generated. In response to these challenges, Event Lounge has put in place a number of environmentally-friendly solutions. And this is just the beginning; many more innovations are forthcoming.


In 2018, Event Lounge installed 900 solar panels. These panels supply electricity for lights, sound, fans, and whatever else suppliers and customers bring. They can also be used to recharge electric cars at our four dedicated charging points. An extension to the car park and connected charging points is planned at a later date.


Our quality labels and certificates are your guarantee. To achieve each label, detailed documentation and a rigorous audit of our building by an independent auditor was required. We are proud to have obtained and validated these:

  • Eco-Dynamic: 2 stars
    Coordinated by Brussels Environment, this quality label encourages the reduction of environmental impact. We earned a second star in 2022 thanks to all the actions we’ve put in place. We want to set an example of sustainable innovation for our customers and partners.
  • Green Key
    Our building was once again awarded the Green Key label in 2024, which confirms that it meets numerous sustainable management criteria. This label is regularly re-evaluated to comply with new government requirements, with over a hundred criteria to be met. These include water, waste, and energy management, environmental awareness, responsible purchasing, and our living environment as managers of an event venue.
  • Health Safety
    During the Covid-19 pandemic, our sector was the first one to be affected. Once the resumption of events had been authorised, we took all the necessary steps to reopen our doors with complete peace of mind. That’s when the “Health Safety” label came into being, helping us to meet requirements in terms of flow management, physical distancing, communication on hygiene, and prevention measures, and regular cleaning of our rooms.
  • Access-i
    This certificate, focused on our building, is an added value of which we are proud. It was awarded to us after an accessibility inspection in 2022 conducted for people with reduced mobility. We have adapted toilets, equipped a lift with a grab bar and created monitored parking spaces in front of the building. All rooms are accessible to wheelchair users.

We have introduced a charter committing our partners to sustainable criteria. It lists essential conditions for working with Event Lounge, such as the use of local, healthy, seasonal products. We also promote food banks and the importance of cleanliness. Our aim is to create a “snowball effect”: by influencing the behaviour of our partners, we hope that they in turn can influence that of their own partners and loved ones.

Hosting an event generates a lot of waste. We have set up a waste management system comprising four Molok containers dedicated to waste sorting, which all our partners are familiar with (see Alpaca Solutions). Residual waste, plastics, cardboard, and glass are all sorted in these containers. After each event, we carry out an audit. Any violation of sorting instructions may result in a fine for the partner concerned.


We’ve been avoiding food waste after events by collaborating with Alpaca Solutions since early 2023. Caterers can place uneaten meals in our special refrigerator that’s just for this purpose. A member of the Alpaca team picks them up by cargo bike the day after the event to redistribute them to various organisations. We then receive a detailed report indicating the number of meals redistributed, the CO² savings achieved, and the organisation benefiting from these meals. 

Event Lounge boasts a sleek, modern decor featuring wood, marble, and waxed concrete. Its terrace is clad in recycled wood from a former Hermès exhibition. The hall uses low-energy LED lighting, which enables lower energy consumption. LED bulbs are impact-resistant, long-lasting, and do not generate heat. In 2019, we equipped the Studio with LED lights in partnership with GSP2, and it’s now entirely lit with LED lighting.

Our cleaning team uses environmentally-friendly products, reducing water pollution without compromising product effectiveness. The packaging we use is recycled and biodegradable, helping to preserve the planet. We also have a water softener to extend the life of our appliances and guarantee caterers safe water.

Most of our installations are supplied with electricity by solar panels on the roof. Window insulation was improved in the summer of 2023, with the installation of latest-generation solar films to reflect 66% of the sun’s energy in summer, thus reducing the need for air-conditioning. In winter, this new technology keeps the heat generated inside the building. Win-win across the board.

A convention organized at the Event Lounge