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Event Lounge: the calming power of nature in the city

The Event Lounge, close to the heart of Brussels, is the ideal venue to host conferences, seminars, conventions and exhibitions for up to 1,150 people. The ultra-modern setting is stunning, versatile and adaptable, with state-of-the-art facilities and parking for 150 vehicles, including several electric car charge points. “The only downside mentioned by our happy customers was that the building is located in an industrial area, which made for a somewhat drab backdrop at first sight,” confesses Gilles Poot Baudier, Managing Partner of the Event Lounge. Landscape architect Michel Delvosalle was called in to make the site’s surroundings more welcoming. And it has to be said that in the space of two weeks, the place has been totally transformed. The photos taken before and after the work reveal the extent of this transformation.

Where before there was only asphalt, metal, and concrete, we tried to plant as much as possible, to soften the lines, create other visual perspectives, another atmosphere, another life,” says Michel Delvosalle. “We wanted to create a kind of warm and inviting micro-climate where everyone would feel good under the shade of trees; a green oasis in harmonious contrast to the initial industrial greyness,” sums up the project supervisor, who collaborated on site with the “Jardin Plus” landscape architecture company.

Renowned for his creativity, Michel Delvosalle didn’t hesitate to break up the tarmac to dig deep and create open green spaces and undulating borders — which are his hallmark — embellished with rough granite boulders, with everything illuminated and outlined by a thin LED strip integrated into the metal border. He reorganised and redesigned the car park, laid out the main entrance with wide flagstones, imported large holm oaks aged 50-60 years, selected plants like Portugal laurel that could withstand climate variations or dry summers, and designed “green mobiles” that could be moved by pallet truck as needed. It has totally changed the view and it’s life-changing.

By transforming the urban landscape into a green oasis, landscape architect Michel Delvosalle has breathed new life into the Event Lounge. Thanks to his ingenuity and vision, this event space now offers much more than just a destination: it’s a serene and peaceful haven in the heart of urban bustle. With its carefully landscaped green spaces, undulating borders and majestic trees, the Event Lounge promises unique experiences where nature and modernity blend harmoniously. Step into this enchanting world and immerse yourself in this magical oasis nestled between asphalt and concrete.