Ground floor

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Cocktail / Walking Dinner
Seated Dinner / Banquet
Lounge Bar Area + Salon 1 & 2 485 650 150 100 100 -
Convention 1 + Cocktail Area 1054 1000 750 570 900 200
Convention 1 480 400 300 250 400 100
Cocktail Area 574 600 450 320 500 120
Terrace 115 150 - - - -

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Up to 150 people will be able to enjoy outdoor dining in the intimate atmosphere that offers the terrace, which also lends itself to a wide variety of events.

After a long winter and a disappointing spring, people crave for a happening outdoors. We want to present our customers with the opportunity to organize a barbecue, a cocktail or a flying dinner outside!

The terrace has indeed some undeniable advantage, it offers un quiet place right outside the city center of Brussels. The terrace can also be fully customized according to the wishes or needs. Attendees will be immersed in the atmosphere of the event and have the impression to be in a different world. A lot of venues are challenged whenever rain decides to spoil the fun, but not at Event Lounge where the party can be move to the Lounge Bar Area.