Get ready to be derailed by RailTech Belgium 2023’s innovations!

The first edition of RailTech Belgium brought together the Belgian and international railway industries on 6–7 June 2023. Event Lounge has seen many events, but it never thought it would host this one…

RailTech Belgium is a platform for all organisations in the railway industry. It chose to organise its event in Brussels on the 6–7 June 2023, partly because Belgium is an important crossroad for railway traffic in Europe.

Following a varied format, RailTech Belgium brought together local startups and international organisations around an exhibition, a networking event, and two conferences – one of which took place in a dome. And for its first edition in collaboration with Promedia Group, RailTech Belgium unveiled one of its latest innovations, with not one, but two giant cranes exhibited in pride of place at Event Lounge!

The 400 event guests were won over by the sounds, the lights, and the gadgets on show. They were able to discover the latest innovative solutions offered by the sector in a fun and playful way.

It was in this atmosphere that the guests and the Event Lounge teams were amazed by the venue’s versatility. The various possible configurations of spaces always render them speechless. That’s the beauty of the place and… of the job, right?

EU MRS Week 2023 in pursuit of the ultimate transformation

The 4th EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week (EU MRS Week) took place in hybrid format at Event Lounge. Their motto “Transform and Thrive” expertly summed up their performance-packed agenda…

Thrown by the WMH agency, the EU MRS Week (EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week) is the biggest annual event dedicated to the EU’s four macro-regional strategies (the Baltic Sea Region, the Danube Region, the Adriatic and Ionian Region, and the Alpine region).

More than 250 guests attended virtual sessions centred around three particular themes: Skills, Energy and Funding. These sessions were followed online, with the main EU stakeholders having the opportunity to participate in Brussels. For what purpose? “Transform and Thrive”.

Since its launch in 2020, the EU MRS Week has become an important communication and networking platform. And this year, Event Lounge was chosen because of its environmental commitments. Elisa Ferreira, Commissioner for Cohesion and Reforms, didn’t hesitate to mention this in her opening speech: “We’re here at the Event Lounge because it’s a place that emphasises the ecological character of these events, that’s why we chose it”.

Event lounge is honoured to have been associated with this ambitious meeting, where the possibilities are infinite.

Made By Marie revisits ‘Blue is the New Black’!

You were spot on if you were imagining yourself turning into The Little Mermaid for an evening! The only catch is that you’re neither in the ocean, nor a Disney fairy tale. You’re in the depths of Event Lounge. Now, close your eyes and dive into an unforgettable aquatic experience with Made By Marie…

In the spring, 400 guests travelled back to their childhood at Event Lounge. Everyone enjoyed basking in the magical atmosphere, and playing with the games provided for them. The evening flowed from an apéritif followed by an evening of dancing.

The Made By Marie agency followed the ‘Under The Water’ theme to the letter; transforming our rooms with a sumptuous decor and arrangement.

Founded by a young entrepreneur, Marie Antoine initially contacted us to bring her event to life. A lawyer by education, she retrained and launched her business during the pandemic. A challenge she has conquered hands down!

The result? Her event is still talked about today, and we’re impatiently awaiting her next phone call! If you want to know more about her and her creations, have a look at her website:

Find out how AIR OPS 2023 took off!

3, 2, 1, takeoff! AIR OPS 2023: Europe’s premier aircraft event dedicated to aircraft and advanced air mobility has returned.

After being postponed several times because of Covid-19, AIR OPS 2023, Europe’s premier event for business aviation flight operations, was able to get off the ground at Event Lounge.

Thanks to the meticulous organisation by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA), with the coordination of the on-site teams, the event managed to take off without a hitch. This two-day event, preceded by a flightops training day, welcomed a total of 40 exhibitors and over 400 participants.

It was a first for EBAA at Event Lounge, but it definitely won’t be the last! The Association has already confirmed their 2024 dates with us. We look forward to seeing them again this time next year… Let’s reach for the sky!

Alpaca solutions to reduce the carbon footprint at events

Alpaca solutions is putting eco-friendly solutions in place to reduce the carbon footprint at events.

The Event Lounge Brussels is putting an emphasis on making its events more eco-friendly. Holder of the 3-star Ecodynamic Organisation Label, The Event Lounge is continuing to implement its environmental action plan.

Today, we are unveiling our brand-new project: a partnership with Alpaca Solutions.
In an effort to reduce waste, our event spaces will be joining forces with an organisation that provides a tangible solution, collecting surplus food from our events. This non-profit is part of a partner ecosystem that can make best use of the waste we generate. Quite apart from the environmental benefits, these actions also have a positive social influence.
Alpaca provides a post-event report detailing each donation made. This report contains details of items collected, the number of portions donated, the amount of CO2 saved and, of course, the organisation that received the donation.

We’re proud of this partnership and of our investment in improving tomorrow’s world.


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